Togle – How Togle Can Help E-Commerce Sellers Manage Their Orders, Inventory, and Print Invoices


Togle is a software program that allows e-commerce sellers to manage their orders, inventory, and print invoices. This application works on any iOS or Android device and comes in several languages. Learn about Togle’s features, how it works, and how it can benefit your business. Togle was developed by a software engineering company called Toadstool. It is free to download and try. You can try Togle by signing up for a free trial.

A toggle switch can refer to a hardware or software switching option. A keyboard key, for example, is a toggle that turns on the Caps Lock function if you press it once, or off if you press it twice. Toggling is a common concept in software, and the concept is often used to describe options menus in applications. A toggle switch allows users to turn or deselect specific settings without having to move a mouse.