What is a Toggle?


The word togle has a lot of applications, from being a fastener to a switch in a computer. Today, toggling is a simple way to change between two states, whether on a mobile phone or desktop computer, or in a web browser. It also has a wide variety of figurative meanings.

A practical person must have the ability to understand and empathize with others. This includes the ability to manage transitions and stressful situations. For example, a practical person will be able to monitor how much time he spends on activities and can use this to adjust the amount of time he spends on each.

A toggle button is a user interface control in an Android application that displays the state of a setting with an on/off or checked/unchecked indicator. Toggle buttons are similar to CheckBoxes in that they can be toggled between two states. Toggle buttons can be declared as a group, which gives developers the ability to define the behavior of the buttons at runtime.

Toggle can be a hardware or software switch. For example, a keyboard toggle turns the Caps Lock feature on and off. A software toggle is a button or combination of keys in an application’s options menu. Toggle switches can also be used to turn menu items on and off without using a mouse.