What Is a Toggle?

Founded in 2020, Togle is a Seoul-based company that designs and builds integrated shopping mall management solutions for e-commerce sellers. It also promotes its products to tech buyers. It is one of the companies that make up the E-Commerce Expert Collection.

The word “togle” has an interesting definition. It is actually a verb, meaning to switch. In the computer world, it refers to a button or toggle. In software, it means to switch between two settings.

There are two main types of toggles: software and hardware. The software version can be used on any device and improves productivity and operational efficiency. The hardware version is used on a specific device.

The software version is usually referred to as a timer. It requires users to press a button. It can also be implemented using tasks and tags. It is a very convenient method of time tracking.

The hardware version is a little more complex. It involves a lever arm that can switch between two stable positions. It is a little more complex to install, but the benefits are worth the effort.

Toggle is a more reliable tool for tracking projects. Unlike an automatic tracker, it won’t push you into a certain path. It’s also a good way to ensure that you’re not missing any key details.

The software version is also a good way to track the time you spend on a specific activity. It’s also a good way for students and freelancers to keep track of their hours.