What is Togle?

Togle is a technology word that means “to toggle.” It’s used in mobile devices, desktop computers, and web browsers. It’s a convenient way to switch between different applications or settings. It’s also an excellent tool for foreign language learners, as it allows you to switch from one language to another without resetting your entire computer.

The history of the word

Toggling is a common word in the technology industry. It first appeared in the 18th century, when it was used to refer to a type of fastener, but it’s now used to mean anything that can switch between two states with a single click.

It’s also often used as a verb, meaning to switch between two states with a single click. The most common usage is between different programs, but it can be used for many other situations.

Time-tracking services

Togle is an online time-tracking service that was founded in 2009. It offers desktop and mobile apps for tracking your work hours, as well as reporting features. It’s free to use, but some of its features require a premium account.

Grocery delivery (Marks & Spencer)

Togle offers an online platform for ordering groceries and other foods from Marks & Spencer stores in London. You can place an order and a personal shopper will pick up your items and deliver them to your home. It claims to have a delivery time-frame of 1 hour.

Togle is a time-tracking tool that’s easy to use and offers four types of reports. It’s a great way to track your time and manage projects.