What is a Togle?


Toggling is a word that comes from the technology world and is a convenient way to switch between two different states with just one click. It is a common feature that can be found on desktop computers, mobile devices, and web browsers. Toggling is especially useful in web browsers when you want to switch between multiple applications with one click.

Togle is an unusual noun and verb in English, but has many uses. It has different connotations based on the context in which it is used. The word “togle” can refer to a device, an object, or an activity that can be toggled. A toggle does not have an undo or edit function.

A toggle may be either hardware or software. It can be a keyboard key that turns on or off a feature. For example, a Caps Lock key toggles on/off the feature Caps Lock. Software toggles are often found in an application’s settings menu, allowing a user to toggle between two different settings or menu options. Toggling is useful in a variety of contexts, including foreign language learning.

The toggle button is a user interface control that displays the state of a setting by displaying an on/off indicator and a checked/unchecked indicator. Like the CheckBox, toggle buttons allow users to switch between two states. The toggle button class contains three XML attributes and some commonly used methods.