What is a Togle Button?


A toggle is a type of button that is used to toggle between two opposing states. This type of button should be used only when the user must decide between opposing states. It should be easy to use and have a consistent visual design. It should also have direct labels. The user should be able to see what each toggle will do immediately.

Toggling is a handy tool for many tasks. For example, a toggle button can switch between the color of a light or a switch. It can also be used to navigate between notifications. Its ‘checked’ and ‘unchecked’ states make it useful in many situations.

A toggle is an easy way to switch between two states. Often it’s used in software, but it’s also used in hardware. A toggle switch on a keyboard key turns on or off a specific function. Another example of a toggle switch in a software environment is the keyboard shortcut Alt+Tab. This shortcut allows a user to switch between programs without having to use the mouse.

A toggle button is a type of user interface control in an Android application. A toggle button displays a checked/unchecked status or a state indicator on the UI. Toggling buttons are similar to CheckBoxes in the way that they let users change between two states. There are three common methods of implementing a toggle button.