What is a Togle?


If you’ve ever used HTML or are just learning to write HTML, you’ve probably come across the term “togle.” A toggling mechanism is a way to switch between two states with just a click. It can be useful for a wide variety of applications, including invoice printing and accounting software. Togle is a convenient, free platform that integrates with popular applications.

The word “togle” is a transitive verb, which means “to change between two states”. It can refer to fastening a door or changing computer settings. Typically, this action is achieved with a single button or a simple key combination. Toggle buttons are typically used to switch between two states, either on or off, using a click or key combination.

Toggling switches can be hardware or software switches. Hardware toggles can be keyboard keys, which toggle different functions, such as Caps Lock or Num Lock. Software toggles are also common, and can be found in options or preferences menus. In these menus, users can toggle certain options on or off. This is the most common usage of toggle switches.