What is a Togle?


Generally, togle refers to the act of switching between two options. However, there are also alternative meanings for the word in the computer industry.

In the computer world, toggle is a button or switch that switches between two stable states. It is usually found on the keyboard. For instance, the Caps Lock key toggles the Caps Lock function on and off. It is also found in the options list of software.

The word toggle is also used for a similar fastener. It was first used in the 18th century. Originally, toggle was defined as a pin passed through the eye of a rope. It was then pushed through a hole and fastened.

It is important to use a consistent visual design for toggles across your website or application. Color is a very important visual signifier for toggles. If you use low contrast colors, the toggles can be hard to distinguish. Also, be sure to use direct labels for toggles.

Toggling is an easy way to switch settings and programs. Usually, it requires you to simply click a button or select a combination of keys. However, if you use an automatic tracker, the process is much easier.

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