What is a Toggle?


Togle is a cloud-based time tracking application used by freelancers and students. It allows users to track their time and productivity on various tasks, while also providing precise reporting capacity. It is available on a wide variety of platforms, including desktop and mobile devices.

Toggle definition in Wiktionary

A toggle switch is a button that has two possible states: on or off. It is usually found in options menus in software.

Feature Toggles are very common in most software applications and they can be very powerful in the right context. They are a great way to implement features such as multivariate testing, A/B testing and custom user behavior.

They can also be used to perform dynamic re-configuration of specific service instances, which can be a very sharp tool in the hands of the right people. However, if this facility is used inappropriately it can create a lot of pain and confusion in a shared environment.

Release Toggles are transitionary in nature and should typically not stick around much longer than a week or two, though product-centric toggles may need to be left in place for a bit longer.

Experiment Toggles are a great tool for performing multivariate and A/B testing. They allow us to run a large number of variants on a single codepath and track which variants are most effective.

As with other types of Feature Toggles, they should be managed proactively to ensure that they are not unnecessarily burdening your codebase. Some teams add a toggle removal task to their backlog whenever a toggle is first introduced and others set “expiration dates” which require the toggle to be removed before it can be used in any further tests.