How to Use Toggle to Track Your Billable Hours


Togle is a cloud-based time tracking software that provides a simple interface to track all your billable hours and keep an accurate record of what you’re working on. It’s intuitive and user-friendly, making it a perfect tool for everyone from students to freelancers.

Toggle Definition

Toggle is a word that is used to refer to switches that have two positions – on or off. They are typically found in options menus and preferences lists of many software products.

It’s also a term that is used to refer to physical switches in machines. These are typically found on computers or other devices, such as video chat headsets.

When using toggles, make sure that they are clearly labeled, and that users know whether they’re on or off. For example, if it’s on, use a bright red color that stands out against the background.

How to Test For Toggle Configuration

Almost every team has an approach for testing feature flag configuration, and toggles in particular. Often they use the current production configuration as their main baseline for testing, along with any toggles which they intend to release flipped On.

Some teams also perform some tests where all their toggles are flipped Off to ensure they have a complete picture of how the application will behave once all their toggles are On. This is especially helpful when it comes to less dynamic flags.