What Is a Toggle?


A toggle is a button or lever that alternately toggles between two opposing states. It’s used for a number of purposes, including to control an up-and-down switch like a light or to stop a cord or drawstring.

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Feature Toggles

Almost every computing application uses toggles to indicate which settings, views or content can be manipulated. It is also a common way to signal that the system is in an On or Off state.

Color is a key indicator for a toggle’s state change, and you should use high-contrast colors and state descriptors to help people identify the underlying state. Consider cultural and societal differences when choosing your color palette to avoid creating confusion for users.

Configuration Management

Toggle configuration can be hard coded into static files, or managed more dynamically via a preprocessor’s #ifdef feature. While both approaches are a great way to control toggle configuration they can become fiddly and hard to maintain once a system reaches a certain scale.

Savvy teams often move toggle configuration into some type of centralized store and build out an admin UI for systems operators, testers and product managers to make changes. This approach can be particularly useful when a toggle’s configuration changes frequently and needs to be consistent across a large fleet of servers.