What Is a Togle?

Togle is a feature that allows users to easily toggle between a set of list items on an article. This is particularly useful when content is long but visitors will want to view a small portion of it.

Toggle labels must make sense to users and should not be neutral or ambiguous. The labels must also describe what the switch will do in each state and avoid using terms like “off” or “on”.

Color is an important visual signifier for toggles and should be used to clearly signal the state of the toggle, with high contrast being preferred. However, it is also important to consider societal and cultural implications in terms of how a toggle might be perceived.

In some cases a toggle can be a complex control to manage, especially when the configuration needs to live side-by-side with feature flags. In these cases it is preferable to move toggle configuration into some type of centralized store.

Typically, this means moving toggle configuration out of static files and into a centralized application DB or a dedicated admin UI. This approach makes managing toggles much more consistent across a fleet of servers.

When toggles are moved into a centralized database or admin UI, teams often make a conscious effort to remove any toggles that are no longer needed. Several teams have a rule of adding toggle removal tasks onto their backlog whenever a Release Toggle is first introduced, while others put “expiration dates” on toggles.