Storyline Toggle – How to Implement a Toggle in Storyline


A toggle is a switch that has two options, on and off. They are used in software and hardware to control a number of functions. Toggles are often found in options menus, and they are often implemented in mobile apps to control system settings or preferences.

Toggle labels

Labels help users understand what a toggle switches is doing and what state it’s in. They should be clear, concise, and direct to ensure that users can easily see what’s happening.

Toggle colors

Use a high-contrast color to signal the toggle’s current status. This will prevent the user from thinking that a switch is on or off when it is actually in the other position.

Toggle animations

If your toggle changes its state quickly, add a processing status loop animation to show the change onscreen. This will keep the process from getting stuck in a loop and will ensure that immediate results are achieved.

Toggle triggers

Toggle triggers can be created in Storyline to hide or disable a particular object. You can trigger a toggle hidden/disabled state when the user clicks a button or clicks on a specific area of the slide.