Adding a Toggle Plugin to Your WordPress Articles

A toggle is a switch that has two states, on or off. This simple concept is found in hardware and software everywhere from the Caps Lock or Num Lock key on a keyboard to the checkbox or radio button on an option menu. By forcing users to make a choice of one state over the other, toggles can help reduce cognitive stress and improve user performance on accessibility tests.

Unlike Canary Releases or Champagne Brunch Feature Toggles that are intended to be long-lived, Permission Toggles tend to be more short-lived than other types of toggles. Because of this, it’s important for teams to be proactive about removing toggle configuration once it’s no longer needed (or once it’s been proven that it isn’t). This can be done by adding a task to the team’s backlog or integrating that process into the team’s feature management software.

This extension allows you to add a toggle that turns standard ordered (ol>) and unordered (ul>) lists created in the article editor into interactive collapsible and expandable sections. This can be useful for articles that have a lot of content or a navigation system that needs to be displayed on multiple pages. This plugin supports both standard markup and JS. Please note that some content, such as the article title and subtitle, or the credit and vignette section may not work in a collapsible section. Toggle is also not supported with article spoilers or dynamic content that loads later on in the page.