How to Use Togle to Track Your Billable Hours


Togle is a cloud-based time tracking application that makes it easy to track your billable hours and stay on top of your workload. It also helps you save money by accurately capturing your work hours and getting paid for every billable minute.

Toggle Switch Definitions & Usage

A toggle is an on-off command that allows you to change from one state to another, such as the caps lock key on your keyboard or the light switch in your home. This command is used in software to control options menus and other functions.

When it comes to naming and labeling toggle switches, make sure they are clear and use visual cues to indicate state changes, such as color or movement. This will help avoid confusion.

Testing Toggle Configurations — A Good Practice

When you’re testing feature toggle configurations it’s important to test the actual toggle configuration that will become live in production plus any toggles that you’re releasing flipped On (to reduce surprises in the future). This should be done using a convention of semantics where existing or legacy behavior is enabled when the toggle is flipped Off and new or future behavior is enabled when the toggle is flipped On.

Managing Toggle Configuration on a Scale

Keeping a large number of feature toggles manageable can be challenging. The simplest solution is to move toggle configuration out of static files into some sort of centralized database that can be accessed by system operators, testers and product managers.