What Is a Feature Toggle?


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Toggle is a cloud-based, user-friendly time tracking app for freelancers and students alike. It tracks your time wherever you are and allows you to view reports in different formats.

Feature Toggles

A Feature Toggle is a flag that re-configures a service instance in order to expose it to a particular set of users. It can be a very useful feature for testing and debugging but if you have too many toggles in your codebase it becomes unmanageable and the cost of maintaining them will eventually mount up.

Managing Toggle Configuration

Traditionally we’ve managed toggle configuration through static files but as the scale of toggles grows this is often becoming too fiddly. Consequently, many organizations have moved toggle configuration into some type of centralized store which can be accessed via a UI by system operators, testers and product managers.

Proactive Toggle Removal

Savvy teams see a Feature Toggle as inventory and seek to keep the number of toggles in their codebase to a minimum. In addition, they are proactive in removing feature flags that no longer exist or are no longer needed.

Permissioning Toggles

Permissioning Toggles are very dynamic toggles and are often used to manage features that are only exposed to a certain type of user. For example, a champagne brunch feature that is only accessible to premium users.